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We have made and taken into account every and any use of information stored / used and retrieved by users and third parties using this website to the best of our ability. We cannot and will not take responsibility for any situation which may arise from information stored / used and retrieved by users and third parties which we have failed to omit in this privacy policy. The terms "our website" and "the website" used in this privacy policy refer to this website ( ) as operated by Ascendancy Media Limited.

What is a Privacy Policy?

The purpose of this privacy policy is to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of the users of this website. The purpose of the privacy policy (described herein) is to explain how we use and store the information of companies listed on our database and website. The purpose of any privacy policy is to explain in a clear manner the way information if stored / used and distributed by the organization storing / collecting the information or by how that information is used and or distributed to third parties

What information do we collected from users?

1) The servers which host our website will collect various information about the user when visiting our website.When visiting our server will attempt to make a record of your ip address, isp, country of origin, your operating system and browser and the referring url which was used to enter the site. Our server may also attempt to make a record of the page which you entered the website and the page which was used to exit the website. The server will attempt to make a record of the number of unique visits / page views generated by our user base. A cookie may be placed on the users computer when visiting the website.

2) Companies which sign up for a listing in our database will have various information stored about them. The database this website uses is a mysql database and will make a record of and store ALL the information that a company will enter when signing up as a member and all hosting packages / design packages or any other data the user wishes to enter into our forms. The ip address is of the user is recorded and stored in our database when signing up as a member.

3) Information entered when a user signs up as a member for your forum system is stored in a separate mysql database ( separate from a company listing ).Any information/date send by a user on the forum including but not limited to posts / threads /private messages / signatures are stored in a mysql database. This information can be accessed by third parties using the forum and threads/posts may be scanned by Internet search engines /directories and included in their databases / search results. There is also the possibility of third parties viewing the forum or search engine listings from the forum, of using the data acquired. When a user creates a thread / post the ip address used is recorded and stored in our database.

4) When purchasing a domain name from this website or becoming an affiliate to sell domain names from this website various information will be collected and stored. Information entered when selling/ buying domain names will be stored on a secure server for the purpose of credit card processing.

How is the information collected used?

1) The purpose of collecting information from users visiting the website is to improve our general marketing abilities. For example, knowing the amount of users using the Netscape operating system allows for our efforts to insure our website operates normally for Netscape. Another example would be the amount of users coming from another country - this gives us the option of translating the entire website into that country's language. We may also use the amount of unique visitors to show other websites when attempting to set up partnerships and link exchanges. Cookies are small files placed on your computer that contain only a unique number and a generally used to make a users website experience more fulfilling. Cookies are used for various functions, for example a cookie may be used to keep a record of the last companies a user had searched for. Cookies may be used by third parties advertising on the site to track / learn or keep a record of traffic flowing from the website or any other usage they may wish to use. An example of a cookie being used would be to enable the website to remember your log in details from the last time you visited the website.

2) Company listings are used to to display to users searching our database. This may consist of ratings of the company / comparing the company with others in the database / generating graphs , charts of the companies services and any other usage which may arise out of users using the database on our website. Emails will be collected and can be used by users to contact companies listed on the database, with the limit being only 1 e-mail sent to any 4 companies at one time by the user. Unfortunately will can guarantee that search engine spiders/ robots or any other device scanning the database will pick up and store the emails due to the ever changing types of technologies created by third parties Occasionally we may e-mail the companies in the database to inform them of changes in our website or with offers which may be of interest to them. An example of this would be to offer them a banner advertisement at a cheaper rate than normal.

3) Information stored and collected in the forum will be available to users of the forum. The information is stored and displayed in order that all members / users of the forum can view / write or exchange information of their creation. IP addresses of members of the forum are stored with each thread / post created by the user, the purpose of this is to be able to trace users which may post anything which may relate to or as of a result of may arise criminal activities and law suits. An example of this would be a user attempting to harm the reputation of a third party through posts/ threads created on the forum. In the result of criminal activities or law suits which may arise from posts / threads created in the forum we may be required by law to provide the ip addresses used by the user to third parties

4) Information stored when selling / buying domain names are stored in order that users may log in and make changes to their domain settings. An example of this would be to change the dns of a domain name purchased. Credit card information may be used to check the authenticity of the credit card. An example of this would be to establish if their are sufficient funds in the account of the card before a purchase of a domain name is made. Any and all information is stored in order so that the user may operate the domain name services, which may consist of buying / selling / changing information regarding domain names and all other activity that the user may require to perform. Another example of this would be setting up a redirect for a domain name in which the users username and password that was entered to perfect the redirect would be checked and verified against the username and password in the database for that user before allowing the changes to be made..

Does this website sell information stored on this website to third parties?

The short answer is no. We have no desire to sell / share or rent information stored on this website to any third parties and will NOT do so, however if in some time in the future we wish to sell the website - all information in the website, including e-mail addresses, database listings would become the responsibility of the new owner of the site.

Will third parties be able to acquire information stored on this website?

Yes. Search engine spiders /robots use the information on this website to display in search engines and directory's. There is no way to guarantee that a third party will not see and use information stored on this website, this may include but is not limited to magazine articles, television programs, market researchers and any other form of usage or media coverage. Obviously with the ever changing forms of technology's being created by third parties it is impossible for us to guarantee that your e-mail addresses will not be acquired by a third party although they will have absolutely no help from the owner of this website or staff in this matter. We try to minimize to the best of our ability so that search engine robots cannot pick up on e-mail addresses listed in our database. All credit card information is stored on a secure server and meets with industry standards. No credit card system is completely secure as has been proved by hackers around the world.

What are the policies of linked sites and other third parties?

The aforementioned privacy policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. Although you may interact with third parties when using this site, we take no responsible for the privacy practices of third parties or the content of linked sites. This website is not responsible or will take responsibility for the privacy practices of third parties, this includes but is not limited to, websites linked to this website, companies listed or information about other companies on our database / website and any other alien entity arising from the use of this website.

How will I know about changes in the Privacy Policy?

This website reserves the right to update this privacy policy from time to time and without any notice to the user. It is the users responsibility to visit this page periodically so that you will be informed of any changes.

Do you adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998?

Yes. Notification is made each year to the Data Protection Register.
Data Controller Name : Ascendancy Media Limited
Registration Number : Z7139935

Who do i contact if i have concerns / questions about the privacy policy?

If you have any further queries or concerns about the privacy policy we can be contacted by sending mail to the following location,

Ascendancy Media Limited
2 Kipling Place
United Kingdom.


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